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    Cozy Fun Date Ideas for the FALL

    Leaves are changing colors, football is here, and everywhere you go you will find a pumpkin-spiced something. That’s right SWEATER WEATHER!!! Fall is here. At least for Chicago anyways.

    Is it true love?

    The chemical changes that take place during periods of infatuation can cloud judgement and blur the lines between true commitment and attraction. In a truly committed relationship, both parties desire...

    Guard your child's heart

    Boundaries are important in relationships and in life. Setting boundaries for your children helps guard their heart and helps keep them safe. Tune in to this week’s The Struggle is...

    Single parenting

    Being a single parent is a hard and challenging job. This week on The Struggle is Real, we talk to Desmond Clark, former NFL player for the Chicago Bears. He...

    Spend time wisely

    As parents, we want the best for our children. Which means we spend and focus most of our time on them. The problem is that focusing so much on our...

    Parent burnout

    When spouses are not getting their love needs met by each other, partly because they’re attending to the demands of their children, each partner will often look elsewhere to have...

    The Tomato & The Flower

    The family is gathered at the dinner table when Marisol asks Abuelita to tell the story of how she met Abuelito. A flashback tells the story of a love filled...

    New Beginnings

    Every day is a chance for a new start. So start every new day as a new chapter in your book. Take on life’s challenges, you never know what might...

    5 fun date ideas

    Coming up with new and fun dates can be hard, so we came up with this list to help jumpstart some new ideas for you.

    Learning to compromise

    Compromising can be hard but maybe we’re making it harder than it has to be. Check out these tips on how to make compromising work for you.

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