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Get Involved

Get Involved

Together, we can keep families and relationships strong. You can volunteer your time, start a movement in your community or use your talents to a cause that matters to you.


AVANCE Institute is a marriage and family program hosted by churches, businesses, schools and community leaders. It provides leadership development, training in state-of-the-art family and marriage curriculums, and works alongside organizations to increase engagement with the surrounding community.

Become a Volunteer

Do healthy marriages, relationships and families matter to you? They matter to us too! Want to strengthen your community? We do too! Make a difference in your community by joining our efforts to stand up for healthy marriages, relationships and families.

Volunteers participating in our programs receive training so that they can serve with hope, respect, honesty, unity, identity and balance. Volunteers can provide support in workshops and events, provide mentorship to couples and students, or lead a Family Bridges Growth Chapter to bring our programs to your local community.

If you're interested in learning more, feel free to reach out by clicking the button below.

Bridgekeepers Program

What is Bridgekeepers?

Bridgekeepers is a volunteer coaching program designed to help 18 to 24 year-olds set strong foundations for their future by providing them with guidance along with goal-setting skill sets.

Bridgekeepers’ goal is to connect young adults with coaches they feel comfortable sharing their goals, struggles and dreams. 

Coaches build positive relationships with their coachees to help create individualized approaches to goal planning and professional development, and provide accountability.

Work at Family Bridges

During my internship with Family Bridges, I learned about family values and how important that is in the workplace and at home. I also feel like I grew as an individual in the sense that I learned that working isn’t just about going to work, it’s about teamwork, a positive attitude, and always getting better at what you do…

Erin Simula, 2017 Visual Communications Intern