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Welcome to Family Bridges

Life is all about relationships, and so are we. Family Bridges is here to empower, equip and encourage you as you grow and nurture your relationships. 

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Secrets of Sex & Marriage: 8 Surprises that Make all the Difference

May 23, 2023 at 6pm in Melrose Park, IL

How do you get on the same page and create a thriving intimate life? Sex is one of the most common marriage issues faced by couples but it doesn't have to be that way. Join us at our next couple's event to learn more.

From Obstacles to Victories

Dr. Alicia La Hoz shares her story of how a seemingly soul-crushing experience transformed her life's vision and mission.

Take a look at other inspiring women who have turned obstacles into victories. 

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Learn how to deal with conflict

Dealing with conflict can be challenging. Fortunately, there are many ways we can not only manage conflict but also grow and learn from it. GROWTH: In the FACE of Tension examines the root of conflict, how we engage in conflict with others, and best-practice ways to manage conflict to reconcile our relationships.

In the Spotlight: Wise Up Girl

Ensuring Brighter Futures

The Wise Up Girl program is a coaching and scholarship program for at-risk High School and College aged girls, providing life skills and relationship education content. We empower young women to help them pursue higher education and achieve personal success. 

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