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About Casademia

Casademia is an online learning tool providing digital content and virtual coaching that teaches practical skills and supports emotional wellness, provided by a dynamic group of instructors and coaches with years of field experience.

Who Can Benefit from Casademia?

Faith Organizations

For church organizations seeking to improve community overall well-being, Family Bridges is the link to strengthen relationships within and among families in your community, while supporting your church in expanding its presence and influence in the community through a faith-friendly perspective.


The school’s job becomes harder when parents are not actively supporting their child's academic career. For schools seeking to improve parent engagement, Casademia is a tool to help parents raise successful children with strong character. It also helps parents deal with interpersonal relationships that can have a big influence on a child's overall well being. 


Today's the day to take control of your relationships and finances. Casademia's online relationship, parenting, and business classes can help you take the first step in creating a brighter future. 

About the Classes


Put your best foot forward, communicate effectively, resolve conflict, and problem solve. Our GROWTH workshop will empower you with skill sets to help your personal and professional relationships move in the right direction.

Parenting with Purpose

If you have a child, chances are you’ve had your fair share of challenging days. Parenting with Purpose provides practical tips to help parents raise successful children with strong character.

Currently only available in Spanish

Deal With It

Conflicts are part of our daily life. We all have them and you can be sure that there is a right way and a wrong way to deal with them. In this class, we provide some common conflicts that most couples experience and how best to resolve them.

Currently only available in Spanish

Classes Coming Soon

My Small Business

Discover your talents and become your own boss. You will learn about marketing, business regulations, taxes, finances, insurance, and more.

Will be available in Spanish

Eternal Romance

A culturally relevant workshop for Latino couples to reinforce the importance of communication skills, conflict resolution, negotiation skills, and empathy.

Will be available in Spanish

Meet the Instructors & Coaches

Our instructors and coaches are passionate about sharing their knowledge and helping others. Combined, they have over 150 years of experience and leaders in their fields of expertise. They are licensed clinical psychologists, teachers, counselors, pastors, community leaders, business leaders, and authors. Click on photos below to learn more about the instructor. 

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