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    Here and Now

    As I recently watched a show, the storyline depicted a man struggling with the loss of his wife in a tragic accident, leaving him to raise their newborn daughter alone...

    Storytelling is a powerful tool

    Story-telling is one of humanity’s most powerful tools. It has been used for generations to pass on traditions, instill values, and preserve a way of life.

    New Beginnings

    Every day is a chance for a new start. So start every new day as a new chapter in your book. Take on life’s challenges, you never know what might...

    Never a Dull Moment

    "One of my favorite vacations wasn't about a destination to be explored. It wasn’t about sight-seeing. It was about drinking hot chocolate in a room filled with people that I...

    How to Get What You Want

    Wanting something and getting something are two very different things. Here are a few tips to go from wanting to having.

    How to Handle Rejection

    Rejection is the worst. You open yourself to someone, and they shut you down. It’s not their fault. They just don’t see you the same way you do, so how...

    5 Steps to Keep Your House Clean

    Keeping your casa clean can actually improve your health. It’s good for your soul, and it makes your mami proud. Here are a few tips to help you keep your...

    How to Accomplish a Goal in 8 Steps

    How many times have you started to set a goal only to quit halfway or even before you started? There are eight steps for you to follow to accomplish that...

    How to be Happily Single

    Being single is a wonderful place to be. Here are a couple of tips to help you make the most of it.

    10 Ways to Love More

    Sometimes you have to be obvious with love. Here are 10 ways you can be a more loving friend, parent, spouse, child, human being.

    Love Must Be Intentional

    Everybody longs for loving relationships - to love and to be loved. This is what makes the world go round! This is a universal desire! How can we experience the...

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