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Access classes for students, parents and faculty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We hope to help empower, equip and encourage the people that make up your school and community.

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Access classes on topics like parenting, conflict resolution, stress management, commitment and more.

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Free up your time and save money by equipping your students, parents and faculty with practical, hands-on skills available from any device. 

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Encourage parents at home to read with their children, help with homework, discuss school events, attend functions and volunteer.

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Provide resources through content that encourages and equips students, parents and faculty - anytime, anywhere. 

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Strong Parents, Strong Schools is designed to motivate parents to get involved in their child's education and to help them raise successful children.

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Two young teenage girls dancing and laughing

Learn about L.E.A.P. for Students

L.E.A.P. is an after-school program that teaches students social-emotional skills through the power and creativity of dance. The goal is to create a safe space for students to express themselves amongst peers while also teaching them skills for life.