Es un Show

Es un Show

An online sitcom about a mixed-heritage family finding joy in everyday life.


Episode 1 (Season 2)

Dia de Familia

It's the last day of school and Marisol's putting her job search on hold to squeeze in some family time. BUT...

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Episode 2 (Season 2)

The Junk Drawer

You never know what you'll find in the junk drawer...

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Episode 3 (Season 2)

Mis Favoritos

The family reacts to finding the lost dog, but Marisol's got other things doggin' her.

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Episode 4 (Season 2)

Work Friends

Barry's in the dog house.

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Episode 5 (Season 2)

Glad You Asked

Presentations unveiled and secrets revealed on this special season finale of "Es Un Show"

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