Es un Show

Es un Show

An online sitcom about a mixed-heritage family finding joy in everyday life.


Episode 13 (Season 1)

The Tomato & The Flower

The family is gathered at the dinner table when Marisol asks Abuelita to tell the story of how she met Abuelito. A flashback tells the story of a love filled with flowers, rivalry, and...a tomato?

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Episode 12 (Season 1)

Hello, Old Friends

This week Abuela comes to visit Barry and notices that he is bored and does not know what to do with all of his free time. Barry has been so focused on taking care of his family and those around him that he has forgotten...

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Episode 11 (Season 1)

Marisol's Nightmare

Marisol has a nightmare. What will happen when she gets a job? Will they have to do their own laundry? Who's going to make lunch? When she wakes up, she knows she is going to need help. So Marisol calls the one person she knows...

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Episode 10 (Season 1)

Post-it Notes

Marisol and Barry come home to a house covered in post-it notes. Houston did it, but why? A debate about a lime breaks out. But did Pilar miss out on it all?

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Episode 9 (Season 1)

The Man Cold

Barry gets a cold and Marisol pulls out all the Latin “cure-all” fixes that exist. She wants to be there to help him get better, but she also wants to do more. What does Marisol want?

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