dr yanina gomez

Dr. Yanina Gomez

Author & Psychologist

I come from a family of 8 children; 5 girls and 3 boys 😳. Growing up was 'interesting' to say the least. It was literally a full, and often, a loud house! I promised myself I wouldn't have that many kids! Needless to say, I kept my promise! I’ve been married to my husband Sergio for 22 years and we have two teenagers; a 14-years old daughter and 18-years old son.  

In 2009, I earned my Doctorate degree (PhD) in Psychology. I'm a member of the American Psychological Association and has been trained in the Internal Family Systems Therapeutic Model. I began my professional career as a psychologist at a local school system before my children were born. While there, I worked with children completing pre-school to high school and helped many parents raise their children in a healthier way. I'm also the author of the book Moms Don't Quit! How to Influence, Empower and Stay Connected with Your Tween or Teen in a Noisy World

Being the third child and oldest daughter of 8 children and having professional training in human development, psychology and all the stuff we need to learn to become a psychologist, I thought I was totally ready to be a parent. I even thought raising children was going to be easy for me. You’re probably thinking: “OMG! What was she thinking… or drinking?”  

I had a rude awakening right after my son was born. I realized how wrong I was about raising kids and how unprepared I was to be a mom. Raising them has been quite a journey, a learning experience and tons of ups and downs. I’ve learned to listen to my "mom-gut" and try things as we go. Yes, I’ve made mistakes and I still do. But, I learned to be OK with tweaking the way I parent my kids as I learn better ways to do it.  

Now my children are teenagers. As they began to grow, their lives began to evolve. Their needs are also changing and so is their interests and our relationship. They still need my attention, love and care but in a different way. Being a mom is not easy, let alone a mom of tweens and teens. I keep in mind that I don’t have to be a perfect mom to be the mom my children need.  

One thing I learned when I was working in the school system is that parents are struggling! They’re having a hard time understanding, communicating and disciplining their tweens and teens. Many parents are overwhelmed, confused and feeling hopeless.  

My experience as a mom and as I speak with other parents have inspired me to do something about it. I left the school system years ago and began creating resources to help moms raise their preteen and teen children in a healthier and meaningful way. If you're looking for parenting resources and support. I invite you to check out what I have for you in this website. If you would like to have me speak to your group of moms, I would be honored simply click HERE to get in touch!  

YOU can be the mom you're meant to be despite the busyness life brings upon you. I’m here to share with you what I’ve learned so that you can communicate better and stay connected with your tween or teen.