desmond clark

Desmond Clark

Former NFL Player, Author, Speaker, Philanthropist

It may come as a surprise to you that I was not predisposed to be successful in either football (where I had a 12 year career in the NFL) or in business (where I have become an insurance executive, corporate speaker, and accountability coach).

It is, I think, specifically because I was not naturally inclined toward either that I’ve been able to add value to corporations on the speaking circuit, and to businesses-- and individual clients-- who choose me as their insurance representative. I’ve always been grateful for every opportunity; and I will always do my best to add the most value, to every client, every time.

The habits of success in business are the same habits of success in sports:

Goals need to be underpinned by plans;
Plans need to be underpinned by execution;
And execution needs to be underpinned by a thoughtful, attentive, mindset.

It’s more complicated than that, as you know.
But, also, I’ve found: it isn’t.

My mission, at this point in my life, is to share what I've learned (while continuing to learn), grow meaningful relationships, and add value to everyone I meet.

If I can add any value to you at all: as a speaker, coach, or if you’d like to review your home, auto, and/or commercial insurance needs, please reach out to me directly at 863.581.5161 or