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Parenting Resources

The Struggle is Real: Modern Parenting

Think of this book as a guide for navigating through your toddler, teenager or young adultʼs emotions and behaviors. Youʼll learn how to turn the struggle into a success. You and your children will be all the better for it.

Between Us: Mother-Daughter Talks

In this book, you will find conversations that all mothers and daughters should have. Consider this as a guide for you to exercise your influence and to help develop character in your daughter so she can be the strong woman she was meant to be. 

Kid's Resources

Today I Feel Poster

The Today I Feel poster is helpful in the home, classroom, and office for teaching children, youth (and even adults) about their feelings. 

Feelings Playing Cards

Sometimes kids just don’t know what they’re feeling. The Feel This Feel That playing cards are designed to help children, ages 4-11, identify with their emotions and help build their feeling vocabulary.

I am Responsible Poster

Hang this poster up your child's bedroom, a classroom, or anywhere you see fit. It will be a daily reminder of the things they are responsible for.