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A few practical how-tos for dating In Real Life


Episode 1

You're a Match!

So you finally got a match! But what’s next? Dating IRL is a web series that helps navigate today’s dating world.

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Episode 2

First Date Tips

Boy meets Girl. Boy and Girl are nervous. Just be mindful that first impressions do matter and try your best to be present.

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Episode 3

First Date Conversations

What do you talk about during a first date? Dates can be mad awkward at first but hang in there and be yourself.

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Episode 4

The Second Date

Congrats! You made it to a second date. This is your chance to get to know each other a little better. You can be a little more casual and a lot more flirty. But most importantly, have some fun.

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Episode 5

How Green Is Your Grass?

So you’ve been on a few dates now but what’s the next step? Nothing is perfect, though there is always space to grow.

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